NEWS FLASH! The exciting new Set-and-Forget Submitter is now open to the public!
Twenty-one years ago, my partner Phil Basten invented the first online submitter. Even his programmer said it couldn't be done, but Phil said, "Find a way to do it," and ELF was born.
ELF was the first of its kind solo-ad submitter, and it submitted your solo ads automatically to many different solo ad sites by recording every keystroke you made. It was ingenious and way ahead of its time.
We'll Phil has done it again.
They say that a directory submitter is one of the hardest submitters to build. You must fill in loads more information and bypass captcha boxes and codes.
I don't know how he does it, but Phil found a way to do this, and now he's giving you access to the cool submitter he built.
With Cool Submit, you can auto-submit your websites to more than 400 quality directory sites with one click and get them seen by millions of readers and users.
Just click and go!
And the BEST part is we made this affordable for everyone just in time for the Holidays.
Just decide if you want to submit every two days, every three days, or every five days, and we'll get you set up for life.
Submit every 5 days
This is a 1-time payment
Submit every 3 days
This is a 1-time payment
Submit every 2 days
This is a 1-time payment
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